Workers Compensation Laws in Oregon

The law is a complex field of study, and many people refer to attorneys who are trained in particular areas. Prospective lawyers work diligently to receive the honor of practicing law in the United States of America. While there is a surplus of attorneys at this time, many people are still trying to enter one of the most sought after professions. Many people fail the bar exam repeatedly before they finally can practice law. Once they reach this status, various attorneys decide to enter the field of workers compensation. These settlements vary based on the injury and how they occur. If you have been injured at work in Portland, OR, you should reach out to a workplace injury lawyer Portland OR for assistance.

Oregon – Workers Compensation Rights

Once it is determined that you were injured at work, your employer will likely become distraught rather quickly. This is especially true if you are working for a small business owner that does not have a lot of excess capital. In this case, hopefully, they were wise enough to purchase a business insurance policy to cushion the blow they are about to receive. With this said, this frantic mindset may cause your employer to push you to do something illegal. This can involve forcing you to become an independent contractor, so they are no longer liable for the injury that took place at this business. Another benefit of Oregon’s worker’s compensation laws involves having the right to be represented by an attorney without actually being assessed any attorney fees. Of course, this does not hold for the majority of other situations that require a lawyer. When you receive the paperwork for your claim, you make sure that your attorney gets a copy. Review all of this information to ensure everything was filled out correctly or this could delay this process.