What Happens After Someone Is Arrested?


A person charged with a crime has constitutional rights that are clearly defined in the city, county or state where the arrest took place. Once the person is in custody, there are also legally defined procedures that must be followed to book the person into jail. If someone you love has been arrested, here are three things you should know about the legal system.

Booked and Incarcerated

After being arrested, your friend will be fingerprinted, have his or her picture taken, and be placed in a holding cell. Most jurisdictions will have a hearing before a judge within 48 hours of the arrest. At the hearing, the charges are read, and a plea will be entered by your friend. Your friend will become a defendant and will find out the charges, the length of stay inside the jail, and the bail amount required. You can then contact someone about bail bonds Harrisburg PA to speed the defendant’s release.

Getting Out of Jail

Bail bonds are used to release defendants from custody and often require at least 10 percent of the total amount to secure freedom. You will need information on the bail cost, the charges, your friend’s location, and his or her full name. If your friend does not go back to court for the required hearings, you lose the total amount of the bail.

Contact an Attorney

Talking to an attorney can begin the process of protecting your friend or family member and can make sure his or her rights are protected. No matter what the entered plea is, your friend has the right to legal counsel.

Arrests can be confusing, as can the legal system following the arrest. It is nice to know you can turn to a bail bondsman and attorney for help in securing your friend’s freedom. There is peace of mind in knowing he or she can be free at home instead of alone in a cold, stark cell.