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A complete Guide on How to Make it In the Gig Economy.

Is your current job a traditional one or a gig? Well, If you are one not of the 54 million Americans who are part of the gig economy then you must be wondering what is a gig.

If you are already part of the economy you have a better understanding what it means when you have a gig as compared to having a traditional.

The gig is a job or a task that a company or someone who has a project assigns to you to do it and it is given out to be done in a specified amount of time as per the agreements with the task owner, follow this website for more details.

For instance if you are graphic designer a company will give you that project for you to do it for a certain amount of time and in that agreement you will have settled on the day for submission and the mode of payment and the required amount to be paid, see more now.

Not all gig will be run for short time some are small engagements for weeks while others can run for years, however if the job you have been given comes with a timeline, that still remains to be a temporary job, read more here.

The person who do gig jobs is called a freelancer and the person who does a traditional job is the one who receives a pay at the end of the month and the freelancers are in charge of their taxes.

There are rights that are different when it comes to the freelancer and the hired person, the traditional employees has work rights like fair compensation and if you are fired you can sue the employees in a labor court while the freelancers do not have such right.

Once you are a freelance or a contractor you become your own boss, this does not mean that your employer cannot boss you from time to time but you are the one who has a bigger hand in the whole situation, click to learn more information.

It is easy to fall into a comfort zone once you fall for a gig which is recipe for disaster, ensure you continue bidding for more gigs since your employer can pull out of a gig anytime and leave you without an income.

Once the client pulls out you have a high chance of being left without an income, go an extra mile and ensure you have a plan B if plan A fails for instance, click for more details here.