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Reasons to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Designing your engagement ring together is the best way to give your lady love the ring that she will love. She will surely be expecting a ring when she accepts your marriage proposal and this is the time to tell her that you plan for both of you to design her engagement ring. Surely, this explanation will be taken with great excitement over the idea that she will get to design her own engagement ring. Below are some reasons why it is good to design your own engagement ring.

If you design your own engagement ring, then your special lady will get the ring that she will really love. If you buy an engagement ring in a jewelry store you will be faced with many wonderful rings that you will not know which one to choose. If you don’t know here taste for rings, then you might get her something she will not be happy about. Designing it together will assure you that she will like the ring. Besides, you will also need to make sure that the ring is perfect in size and shape. IF you do it together, then your jeweler will be able to create one of her shape and size. You can even customize the size of the stone according to her preference. While diamonds are great, but if she prefers something else, then give it to her. Make her choose what stones she likes.

You can save money designing your own engagement ring. It will be more expensive to buy an engagement ring from a jewelry store. It is possible to pare down some features from the ring to make it less expensive. You can design your own ring with features that you like. You can copy an expensive ring and simply change some of its details to make it more affordable. The quality and price of your self-designed engagement ring will be a lot better

Symbolisms can be added to your engagement ring if you design it yourself. If you want to join your family to your spouse, then included pieces of your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry into her ring. Words or dates that have special meaning to you can be engraved inside the ring. It is also possible to engrave symbols and things that have special meaning in your lives.

IT is romantic to design an engagement ring together which also makes your relationship healthier. She may have been disappointed not having received a ring when you proposed. But telling her about the designing part will make her truly joyful.

You feel romantic if you give your lady the ring that she likes. Valuing her opinion and taste is the message that she gets from this gesture. Making her design the right is something good for your marriage. This means that you are able to listen to her and let her make decisions for herself.

It is fun to design your own ring. This experience is worth rmemebering (see how).