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A Guide for Protecting Yourself Online.

All things considered, identity theft is something you should never want to come across. About 14 million credit cards were reported to have been stolen in 2017 not forgetting the 150 million social security numbers exposed in the same year. With such numbers, you cannot be too careful in the online platform. Thus, you should be keen when using the internet so that you do not end up in such. Do not just post anything that comes to mind on social media. Instagram is one place you can go to if you are looking for amazing images. They are not only inspiring but you get to explore a lot of new ideas too. Even so, not everyone on Instagram has good intentions. You need to think through your decision before making the post. No personal information should accompany the photos. Taking pictures is okay but clear mail before you do and avoid standing at your front porch when taking the pictures. Before posting, ensure your data is encrypted. Everyone has used an online service at some point which requires an address, social security number and also credit card number. When you have encryption software, all these will be scrambled to keep the info secure. To read more about this service you can view here.

Do not forget how important it is for you to clear the cache. You will be surprised at how often the browsers save your information. The browsers monitor your activity as far as uploading items online and downloading goes. This is why you should empty the cache and clear the history often. When it sits there for a long time hackers can get hold of this information and break into the accounts. You need to get rid of the clutter as often as possible. You ought to avoid free WiFi as much as you can. When you are traveling you can fall victim to this. When you connect to a public WiFi you will be invited any hacker on the same to go through your e-mails and delete them, get into your bank account and steal your money or even go through your files. You will be much safer using a personal hotspot which can be done using any smartphone. You should also not be quick to respond to everyone who seems friendly. This happens a lot when logged onto Facebook or even Instagram. This is how catfishers get their victims. You can read more here about the steps or click for more on this page to avoid falling victim to cybercriminals.