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Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Migraines and Headaches

The way migraine feels like is that one side of the head has a throbbing and pulsating pain due to several reasons. Various other symptoms accompany headaches including blurred vision, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound and fatigue. Some of the symptoms occur 24 hours before you experience migraine and they are known as the prodrome phase. Some of the main symptoms in the prodrome express have to do with increasing mood swings, increased urination, fluid retention, irritability and an increased appetite for food. These symptoms tend to be recurrent to people who suffer from migraines regularly. Having to know such kinds of symptoms can help you to take precaution as to the headache that is coming ahead.

Some people tend to experience aura during or after the migraines. Patients tend to experience a lot of inconsistencies in the eye vision, and they tend to have, beyond the normal vision, zigzag lines, bright lights, flashing lights, and dark spots. Experts recommend that at this point you should stay away from a lot of driving and screen time avoid further damage to your vision.

Having some sort of relief from the migraine is not reason enough to be happy as there are also other consequential symptoms that are called the postdrome phase. Some of the symptoms involved in the postdrome phase have to do with general body weakness, confusion, and fatigue.

Many medical practitioners have concluded that migraines are genetically linked to women because the statistics show that it affects more women than men. There is a way which genetics play a significant part in the people who are affected by migraines as he tends to follow a particular generational line that suffers what a lot of migraine victims.

Some common migraine triggers have to do with environmental changes, overexertion, allergies and smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.

There are various treatment options when it comes to migraines. The first form of treatment has to do with prescribed medication from clinics that includes pain relievers depending on how severe the headache is. Stress in used migraines can be treated well with stress management disciplines such as exercises, breathing routines and journaling. Having a relaxed time in a calm in the home can give you enough rest to be able to get rid of migraines also. There are various healthy lifestyle changes that can also undertake to be able to prevent and cure migraines which has a combination of reduction in stress, exercising and avoiding migraine triggers.

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