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All You need to Know about Accounting Software for Small Businesses.

It is crucial that bookkeeping is done in the correct way for each business and small businesses are not an exception. Besides the danger of being accused with serious legal charges, you will also lose money if you cannot maintain a proper record. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has simplified the task of managing finances for small business owners. With various business accounting software available in the market, your preferences will weigh a lot on which one is best suited for your business. This work is a guideline to small business accounting software options.

There are two classes of business accounting software namely open source and proprietary software. Proprietary software is easy to use and are the best choice for small businesses. In that case, this work will address the proprietary software. First and foremost there is QuickBooks by Intuit, which is in demand by many people. The primary benefit of QuickBooks is in its user-interface. Its ease of use allows sending of invoices and receipts, tracking of income and management of taxes with a few clicks on the screen. Therefore you can supervise your employees and contractors satisfactorily. Freshbooks is the second software that ranks among the best. It has outstanding user friendliness and is compatible with iPhone and Android systems. This availability in mobile apps allows you to access Freshbooks from essentially everywhere. Time and invoicing capabilities have made Freshbooks famous.

Zoho Books is the other kind, although not quite common as QuickBooks and Freshbooks. Zoho Books functions very well and its user-friendliness ranks with the best. You can use it on your mobile or your computer since it is available for Android and iPhone operating systems. Next in line is Xero, which is an app that functions on Android and iPhone platforms. Xero is a financial analysis tool and works very well under mobile conditions. Still, you need to install some add-ons that will complement its function for receiving payments.

Sage 50cloud is an additional software set side by side with Freshbooks and QuickBooks with regard to functionality and ease of use for small businesses. In addition, it is the best in some areas like automation. The drawback of this software is that it reasonably costs more. Wave is the other software that you can use for free. It is the best choice when you cannot afford a more powerful software.

Last but not least, there is Onpay, which is well suited for businesses that are small and medium in size. All the primary bookkeeping tasks can be discharged by it.