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Steps on Creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot via your Smart Phone.

Limited Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi at all in a public area can be quite inconveniencing if you need to connect your laptop or tablet to the internet. If you find yourself in such a situation you ought to worry not for your smartphone has a connectivity feature which allows you to create a portable hotspot.
As long you have internet connection or a data bundle on your mobile phone you can easily use the hotspot feature to create an internet connection for up to five devices with a Wi-Fi connectivity ability. This connection process is called tethering and is unique in different mobile phone operating systems. Setting it up is easy using the following commands on your android device. In order for you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot connection, click on the settings icon on your mobile phones screen, from the commands which appear click on wireless and networks, at the bottom of the commands click on the more tab from where you get the tethering and portable hotspot command which you click on to begin your set up.
From the tethering and hotspot settings display on your screen you can create a name for your connection and a password for the unique identity of your portable Wi-Fi hotspot. After the set-up is done, any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to the hotspot and access the internet after bypassing as security firewall via the password you created during the set-up.
iPhone devices use IOS operating systems, and the hotspot setting is slightly different from that of the Android device operating system. The personal hotspot feature on your iPhone can be activated by going to your settings app on your screen, tap on mobile or mobile data depending on the iPhone version you are using and activate the personal hotspot. The use of the personal hotspot is only made possible if you activate your Bluetooth as prompted by the device. The IOS will prompt you to set up a security password if you are using the feature for the first time. Securing a connection is done by choosing the name of the device which has a personal hotspot available on the list of Wi-Fi networks and bypassing the security using the password used for the set-up.
Incase you are experiencing slow browsing speeds in your device connected to the portable hotspot setting, boost it by taking the following steps. Optimize your phone by closing all the background applications which are running and engaging your phones processors after you put your phone on standby. While you are on tethering, you ought to avoid multimedia use on your phone as it eats up more of your bandwidth and causes a go slow on all other uses engaged with the connection.
Lastly, if you are going to connect a windows computer to the network, ensure that you set the tethering connection to metered. This inhibits automatic data consumption via updates or synchronization with google drive and you can read about these services on websites.