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Everything You Need to Know About the Gelato Marijuana Strain

There are different cannabis strains that are being sold in the market. In this site, you will discover more about the so-called gelato strain from the marijuana. There are various gelato phenotypes that are sold across the world.

Gelato is basically a hybrid strain that is comprised of both Indica and Sativa. And yet, if you look at the gelato strain closely, its Indica content is 55% while its Sativa content is 45%. The delicious flavor of this strain is one of the reasons why it is popular. Furthermore, it is also popular for its high THC levels from 20% to 25% that give off its powerful effects.

Again, the gelato strain is popular for its powerful effects offering you both physical relaxation and euphoria. Thus, to be in a good mood, there is no better cannabis strain than this one. While in a good mood, your being productive will not be distracted. You will also attain enough focus; however, your perspective will just be different. The use of gelato is very handy if you are working on a thing that brings about the creativity and challenge in you.

Just like the majority of Indica varieties, you get dense and thick buds from this plant; however, it appears small. The pistils of gelato come in bright orange color that make them attractive. When you look at the forest and their green leaves, such plants truly stand out with their deep purple shades.

The high THC content level found in gelato is one of the reasons why it is very potent. For first-time gelato consumers, a bit of caution must be undertaken before this cannabis strain is taken in. Despite the fact that your mood goes up with the high that this strain gives you, you can still continue with being creative and clear-headed. You body is able to feel pleasant sensations but this does not mean that you will always remain on the couch.

Gelato with about 26% of THC content is best used for medicinal purposes. For instance, the use of gelato for the relief of chronic pain and muscle spasms. Their gentle effects on the brain of the person also help people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

When you talk about the gelato strain, its flavor always comes to mind and is associated easily with the favorite ice cream dessert present in Europe. So, what is its taste, then? In terms of dessert, rest assured that both of them are similar. When it comes to the flavor, what you get is the right mix of mint scout cookies and sunset sherbet. What you smell is the same as what you taste. This gelato strain gives you both a sweet and citrus taste. You will also associate the taste with oak with its earthy taste. In short, you get hues of orange and berry sherbet with an earthy and sweet aroma.

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