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How to Know when you Need a New Roof

There are reasons why our house has a roof. No matter if there’s a storm or a scorching heat of the sun, the roof can surely protect us. But of course, your home is only safe if ever you have a top quality and also sturdy roof. So as to make sure that you have an excellent roof above your head then regular maintenance and most of all proper care is very much needed. And since the roof are built out of numerous layers, you can hardly tell if there’s any issues with it. You can definitely see several signs to help you determine if a new roof is needed or not. Underneath, we’ll walk you through the signs you need another rooftop.

Water Spots from Inside or Outside
Your roof’s primary purpose is to provide protection to your home from any outside circumstances. Among the harsh conditions that can damage your roof is the rain. In case you notice some water spots on the ceiling then it is an excellent example that you have a damaged roof. The water spots could be a result of so many plumbing issues. However, in case there’s no problem with your plumbing then your roofing has some sort of problems that you need to resolve, It is recommended to call your local roofer immediate and let them check your roof. Rest assured that you can get help from a reliable roofer in your local area.

Check for any cracks and warps of your shingles
You can actually find lots of possible causes why your roof’s shingles are curled or even warped. The main cause of this is your attic’s inappropriate ventilation. It causes the moisture to be stuck in your roof deck area. Because of the moisture, the molds will be formed and later on it can cause shingles to twist. In addition, easy curling of shingles is also due to a not so good installation of it. Among the reasons of curling of shingles is the it wasn’t aligned or perhaps nailed down correctly. For those who have fiberglass-based shingles, you will surely notice some cracking. Whatever the cause of it, when you notice warping as well as cracking of your shingles then your roof is in complete danger.

You should be responsible for your roof as the homeowner. In case you notice any problems on your roof, make sure to get immediately help from the professionals. It is advisable to immediately install a new roof most especially if it’s advised by your roofer.

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