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Workers Compensation Laws in Oregon

The law is a complex field of study, and many people refer to attorneys who are trained in particular areas. Prospective lawyers work diligently to receive the honor of practicing law in the United States of America. While there is a surplus of attorneys at this time, many people are still trying to enter one […]Read More >

What Happens After Someone Is Arrested?


A person charged with a crime has constitutional rights that are clearly defined in the city, county or state where the arrest took place. Once the person is in custody, there are also legally defined procedures that must be followed to book the person into jail. If someone you love has been arrested, here are three things you should know about the legal system.

Booked and Incarcerated

After being arrested, your friend will be fingerprinted, have his or her picture taken, and be placed in a holding cell. Most jurisdictions will have a hearing before a judge within 48 hours …

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Tips For Making Your Divorce Easier

‘Til death do us part may no longer be a promise you and your spouse are prepared to keep due to finances, infidelity, or a change in mutual goals. If you and your partner want to file for an uncontested divorce Tampa, there are still a few important things to remember as you’re moving forward. Read on for some vital things to be aware of before and during your legal separation.

Getting Organized

Both parties need to have copies of financial records including tax returns, bank accounts, mortgages, and insurance statements. Make sure you have your passports, social security cards, …

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Three Reasons Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Post Preview Real estate is a hot commodity. Higher prices mixed with new construction have made the market something real estate investors constantly take a look at. Be it a home, apartment complex, or commercial building, these properties are being absorbed at a rapid pace.

The downside of real estate Unfortunately, some in the market for the first time may encounter difficulties. Especially if they don’t fully understand the contracts and agreements for property purchases. There are organizations out there looking to make money by cheating unsuspecting investors. This could be easily corrected if they hired a real estate law …

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