Where Am I

This page will allow you to view a map of where I am in the country!

You can see details of where I’ve been by visiting the “State Blogs” tab and its drop down menus for updates.

If you know anywhere I can stay near or in any of the towns below, I would love to hear from you via email, post, or phone call! Thanks!

Star: My Home
Orange Markers: Gives a general route.These make up the basic route and each marker is a place I will most likely be at some point. I will add dates to come during the walk.
Green Markers: Towns and Places I go through each day during the walk.


6 thoughts on “Where Am I

  1. Ian, when I go to “Where An I” there is no map. I know people all across the country but I cannot be of any help without a map of your route! They said on the news that you have a Face Book page? I see no link for a Face Book page from your website???

  2. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah I also have family in Orem Utah. We would love to meet you, feed you a meal and give you a place to stay a night. I know Mariel, you met her in Garden City, KS. Your story is truly amazing!

    1. Norma, I just passed through Kinsley yesterday. I wish I would have seen this sooner, but I just got internet service again in Spearville!

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