Here is the current equipment list of what I will be bringing on the walk! Some things may be added or eliminated as the journey begins.

Click highlighted items  for detailed information and specs.

X Backpack
X Rain cover for backpack
X Plastic Bags
X Nalgene Bottle (1 Liter Bottle)
X Water Bladders, 2 pouches (One 3 Liter Pouch and One 2 Liter Pouch)
X Cart/Stroller (To be picked up in Fort Scott, KS)

Sleep/Shelter/Camp Gear
X Tent, 1 person
X Tent footprint
X Sleeping bag
X Bedroll
X Compression sack
X Camping stove and fuel
X Spork
X Rope
X Knife
X Matches
X Multi-tool
X Bear Spray

X Waterproof hiking boots
X Orthotic Inserts
X Wool socks, 3 pairs
X Sock Liners, 3 pairs
X Rain Jacket
X Rain Pants
X 3-in-1 Jacket
X Water resistant pants, 2 pairs
X Winter leggings, 1 pair
X Shirts, 2 pairs
X Polyester Boxers, 2 pairs
X Winter Hat
X Wide Brim Hat
X Mittens with inserts

X Tablet, Microsoft Surface 2
X I-Phone
X Solar Charger
X Headlight
X Camera
X FitBit
X Spare Camera Battery
X AAA batteries, pack of 4

X Glasses, 2 Pair
X Body soap
X Albuterol inhaler
X As needed medications:
-Antacid Tablets
-Clariton D
X Anti-Fungal Foot Powder
X Benzoin Tincture (for blisters)
X Toilet Wipes
X Blister Pads
X Hand Sanitizer
X Toothpaste
X Toothbrush
X Microfiber towel
X First Aid Kit
X Iodine Tablets 
X Water Filtration System (picked up in Fort Scott, KS)

Food & Water
X Food: Non-Perishable, bought along way
-Whole grain tortilla shells
-Peanut butter
-Canned Tuna
-Dehydrated meals
X Water
X Electrolyte Powder

X Ryan’s Ashes
X Ryan’s Letter
X Paper Journal
X Pens
X US Road Atlas
X Reflective Tape
X Reflective vest
X Umbrella
X Duct Tape
X Wallet



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