The Walk Continues!

Though the walk across America has come to a close, its mission continues.

On October 5th, the National Alliance on Mental Illness South Western PA’s annual 5K walk will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “The more people that form teams and recruit walkers, the more awareness will be raised about the need for quality mental healthcare”

With this being said, I would like as many people as possible to take part in this cause. So many of you have joined me on this journey across America in Spirit and now I hope many of you can physically join me on October 5th. I would be honored to meet you all!

As well as spreading awareness, this walk is an opportunity to raise money for the cause. Let’s assume each person within the “Ian Walks America” group can fundraise $100 and we end up having 100 walkers on our team: $10,000 can go a long way (and hopefully that can be the minimum)! On the site provided by the link below, join the “Ian Walks America” team and find out how YOU can fundraise for the walk.

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