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  1. Hi, Ian!
    It’s Martha from Wallace Church. I loved your story about Sammy the kitten, and being an animal lover, I could see how attached you were to him. I was wondering how you might be able to get him back to Pgh, so I contacted Jeff Stirling today in church. He is very active with the Humane Society, (loves cats) and he said he would check & see if there was a network that could get him back across the country. I know they do this with dogs & private plane pilots -so why not with a very special kitten? Hope you hear from him!
    I’ve been following you all the way, and will continue to pray for you as you cross the desert. Take care -you’re a very special guy!!

  2. If you need a place to stay while in Utah please send me e-mail we would love to have you. We can also offer food and water.


    Kathy A

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