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One thought on “Missouri

  1. Hi! Ian:
    In my garden sits a blue garbage can fill with rain water and one half drown baby squirrel. (A rodent with a tail !) What a surprise! when I turned the can over and out pop out a squirrel. At first glance I thought it was dead, he was slowly trying to catch his breath (No I didn’t do mouth to mouth) I ran into the house to get some towels and a shoe box. I ‘d wrapped him? or her? very carefully in the towels and place the squirrel in the box under the magnolia tree. I was careful not to leave a human imprint. I left and went grocery shopping when I got back he was gone. The towels and the box are where I left it. He didn’t take it with him. I save a squirrel, you save a turtle. I want to give you some money to help with your expenses on this trip. Your parents can figure out how to get it to you. God Bless you! Ian your journey.
    Your neighbor 4 houses up from your house.
    Michelle D. Hitchman

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