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  1. Dear Ian,

    Congratulations to you & Jake!! I know you will be finishing your walk today; Susan saw your mom’s post on Facebook (I’m not on Facebook), but I’ve been following your journey on your website since you started, along with thousands of other people! Your WV, Alabama cousins, & I are in total awe with what you’ve been doing, & more & more amazed every day with what you’ve accomplished, as well as what you & Jake have accomplished together. The two of you are really an awesome team! I am so thankful Jake has been able to stay with you during the last several states….I’m so thankful you didn’t have to go through the deserts, the remainder of mountains, & other desolate lands alone… even though I know you would have managed well!! I’ve enjoyed your videos & blogs so much, & have learned so much by watching them. And the people you have met along the way have been fabulous……they have been ANGELS watching over you. And remember I was worried about you & strangers….boy was I ever wrong!!! You have touched so many people’s lives with Ryan’s story, & helped them realize there IS help & support available for them. Spreading Ryan’s ashes in every state has really touched my heart; you’re right, everyone needs to have a part of such a beautiful young man.

    I wish we could all be in San Francisco to watch you finish as well as spend time with you, Jake, & your family. Susan & I were going to try & come, but for various reasons it didn’t work out…..we’re sick about it!! Hopefully, we’ll see you in the near future!!
    Please know you, Jake, your other buddies with you at different times, & of course
    your whole family have remained in my prayers.

    Congratulations Ian & Jake!! I didn’t have any doubt that you would accomplish your goal!! Please know how much we love you & your whole family …..all of you are totally AMAZING!! I will continue to keep you & your family in my prayers.

    God Bless each & every one of you!!
    With lots of love & prayers from your WV cousins…Becky, Bill, & Byron

  2. Ian, Jake, Welcome to California, although my home and family are in Dormont, my job and body are currently here. What you have accomplished will never be forgotten by those thousands of us who are following your journey. Your cause is noble, your method is inspiring, and your message has been, and continues to be, heard..

    I am not a religious person in a traditional way but I do believe in spirits and I do believe that Ryan has been with you every step of the way. I have read the comments of others following your journey and they bring tears. The kind of tears that one has when they are deeply touched.

    I feel a great deal of relief that Jake and You are done. I don’t mind saying that I often worried about you two as you traversed the lonliest highway and other barren parts of the West. But you always found something or someone to help you along the way and that is also a great testament to the wonderful people of our country and the true kindness that still dwells within their hearts. So I salute those Americans for taking you into their heart and homes and I hope you find a bit of closure and a sincere satisfaction as you end your journey.

    Your Friend,

  3. Need more education for everyone about mental health. You R doing a great thing w this walk. They have walks and runs for cancer and other illness we need to do more for mental health. You’ve started something big, keep it up

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