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I am certain that I will be meeting many new faces along the way and would love to keep track of them all! Record our encounter or simply sign the guest book to show your support!

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  1. had the privilege of meeting you and your buddy during your walk. I was riding my hog through Bruce national park as you walked through. Was really impressed by your dedication to the cause. Well done for your success.

  2. Morning Ian
    Congratulations You did it and I think you beat me
    This is David cyclist from London we met in Nevada heading in opposite directions and I reached New York I think the day after you completed your epic trek. Chapeaux as the French would say

  3. Ian. I have a 17 year old son that has a mental illness . We took him to the doctor and that’s when the doctor told us. Because he threaded to kill himself. So now he is getting help . If we did not get him any help I think we could of lost him. My son was in band with Ryan for one year. I followed you on your journey til the end of it. You did a wonderful job on spreading the message on mental illness. You did amazing job what you did.

  4. Ian,
    I want to thank you for doing this walk to bring attention to suicide! My friend Randy recently killed himself and it was a heart breaking experience for all those he left behind,and a tragedy to lose him this way! so many people like him and your brother slip through the cracks needlessly….there needs to be more awareness on suicide so that others don’t have to suffer the same fate!


    Rob hartel

  5. I have no words to express how proud I am of you. We all seem to vent our frustration at the unfairness of life without finding a way to fight back or make a difference. Your efforts not only speak of your personal loss but give voice to countless others who suffer in silence and fear. God bless you and your campaign to shine a light where it has long been overdue. Life is worth living and ours is richer because of you. We will keep you in prayer.

  6. Ian, it was so good to meet up with you and Jake again at the Santa Rosa NAMi office to hear your talk. As you near the end of your journey across the U.S. we know a new journey awaits–not just for you–but for all us who believe in you and your message. Ian, such simple yet powerfully profound advice, “…to share OUR story with others,” can and will have a devastating impact on the stigma that mental illness and suicide that continues to bind and isolate those who are suffering. We can honor those we’ve lost to suicide by giving them a voice in our daily conversations. Love to you and all those who suffer. Johnpaul and Bethann

  7. Your story was posted in or paper in our small town outside Sacramento. When I read your story I cried off and on for hours. I to have mental illness and you made a comment that really hit home to me. You said people with mental illness often suffer alone. Which is absolutely true. That is what I experience. My thoughts on that is “yes” you hear “get over it”! “Move on”! From the people that are there to support you. So then you tend to not want to bother them with you problem so you alienate from them. And you cant make it just go away, so you dont want to burden people, so you withdrawl. I also struggle with the pain on a daily basis and that each day I fight to preserve the fragile balance in my mind. So these things are true what you shared an has touched me so deeply because of the fact I can relate. You are doing the right thing of shareing this because it is really what happens its true to life how it feels. You have hit the nail on the head about the struggles, and whether you know or not people are reading your blogs and not responding. Just know you have planted the seed for everone that is ill, to know your not alone,its ok. And there is help.

  8. Ian, I was so pleased to meet you at our NAMI Sonoma County office in Santa Rosa, CA today. We were inspired by your presence and your story, and how you graciously listened to, and commented on some of our stories. The message I heard you give is true to my heart, ‘ we must all begin to openly discuss mental health challenges’ and
    ‘ advocate for the rights of people living with mental health disorders.’ It’s all up to us, and as a community united we can do it. God bless you for the example you are setting to many communities across our nation. Stop the Stigma – Stop it Now.

  9. I ran across your news post on Patch San Francisco. I do not live there but the earthquake brought me there. My niece lives up there.
    I want to say your mission has warmed my heart and I wish I would be able to be there to welcome you guys across the bridge.
    I have had 4 family members take thier lives for different reasons. It was devastating to me and family and friends. We have never been the same.
    *My uncle was amazing. Always welcoming, teaching, smiling and laughing. He worked for the Department of Justice and had to see many horrific things and cases. He did leave a note about working there but it was not laid out clearly why he wrote what he did. It’s just so frustrating to not know what happend with his work and why he felt it was necessary to end his life. This was May 9, 2001.
    It’s so hard going through life with mental illness. I have to take medication because of lupus and Fibromyalgia that depleted my serotonin. It’s a horrible feeling when I’m off my Meds. I vowed to never be without them again.
    Your cause and will is a wonderful bright light to all people. We need more open discussion and education on mental illness. I think it’s on the verge of a breakthrough by people not being embarrassed or shamed by this illness.
    Thank you all for doing this.
    To you and your parents, my heart breaks for you and your loss. For whatever reason he left, it wasn’t your fault nor there wasn’t anything you could do. When he decided to do this it was already in stone for him. There will always be “what if”. Now trying to live through life with trying to accept his choice. It’s not easy. Everyday is one day at a time.
    May God bless you and keep your family close.
    Congratulations for completing you journey.

  10. Hey Ian,

    You’re almost there. When you checked in at the hotel where I work, Quality Inn & Suites in Fairfield, CA, I was inspired by how unphased you were. Like your trip across the country was like a stroll down the street. I’m an older brother as well and I support you for what you’re doing for your younger bro.

    You got this far and I believe there’s no stopping now. God Bless You

  11. Hello Ian,

    I love what you’re doing. I have a younger sister and I can’t even imagine the feeling of losing her. On behalf of our beautiful city of Pittsburgh, I would like to thank you for representing your city and family with such great honor. It would be cool to meet up when you get back to the Steel City to hear your stories!

    Good luck and let me know what I can do to help you,

  12. Hi Ian–I’ve been in touch with your mom through Facebook and the POS email group. I just wanted to thank you for raising awareness for mental illness and suicide. My son Marcus took his life June 11, 2014 two weeks after he turned 17.

  13. Ian, you are a hero. Our goal, like yours, is to eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness. You chose a great way to do it. We look forward to your return home. I would like to invite your followers to check out our website at to see what we are doing to raise awareness and raise funds for mental health nonprofits.

    You are a true hero. Good luck with the rest of your walk.

    Bob Regis 412-860-3927

  14. Hey Ian,
    We came across you near Fry Canyon, UT. We stopped and handed you that nice chilly POWERade! I think what you are doing is amazing and a real tribute to your brother and such a showing of your support for all others.
    Best regards,
    Keith H

  15. Dear Ian,

    On behalf of The Scott Conservancy (Scott Township, Pittsburgh, PA), we wish you the best with your mission of making a positive impact on mental illness and suicide.

    Best regards,

    Sarantos Patrinos
    The Scott Conservancy

  16. It was great to meet you at the youth baseball fields in Holly, Colorado last night. Your mission is a noble one, and I wish you all the best. May God walk with you in your journey of awareness.

  17. Channel 2 in the Burgh ran a story about you tonight and how you are Walking America. I really enjoyed hearing about your journey and wish you nothing but the best while you are traveling. Glad to hear you now have company to join you on your walk. Take care and be safe.

  18. Hi Ian,
    Just wanted you to know we here in Waverly VA are still praying for you and following your journey. May you continue to be blessed as you are truly a blessing to many that you have met and still have to meet.

  19. Ian,
    My son Nick and I met you today on Hwy 96 between Hutchinson and Mt. Hope, Kansas. My son talked about you all the way home, and said that one day he wants to do something self-less for the world to raise awareness for a good cause. He was not sure it would be walking across the country but “something”.

    Hopefully, if we are not too busy planting crops, we will get a chance to see you again in Stafford or Macksville! If not, I hope that the road treats you kind and the weather doesn’t get too hot for you!
    Stay Safe and Cool!

  20. My son, stepdaughter and I met Ian just outside of Haven Kansas on HWY 96. My stepdaughter saw Ian along side the road talking with another motorist and her son when we turned around and went back to where they were located. Upon meeting Ian you could tell that his heart was pure and that this adventure means a lot to him. It also means a lot to those of us who have suffered or know someone with any of these issues. Ian was very excited to meet with us and also wanted to take a picture with us on the side of the road. We were blessed to have met you Ian and will continue your mission here as you continue your mission out there stay safe and God bless.

  21. Ian, I feel that what you are doing is wonderful. I saw you between Wichita and Hutchinson, KS on the highway. I did not know your story but was concerned for you on the highway. What you are doing is wonderful, I work with all types of kids and they do need more people to hear their stories and help them. Today is a hard world for our young people. I know God will be with you in your travels and your family should be proud! Take Care and be safe, may God bless you.

  22. Met Ian yesterday in Kechi, Ks while on duty. It’s rare in my day to day encounters with people to see some one with such a passion and drive for something. It made my day a little brighter seeing that while dealing with heartache, a person could push through the pain I find a way to help others and the self at the same time. Good luck in your journeys.

  23. Ian-
    It was wonderful meeting you in Ft Scott, KS yesterday afternoon at the Visitor’s Information Center. While we only chatted briefly, rest assured that the journey you are on will always remain with me. While some may focus on the miles ahead of them, or the miles behind them- and knowing your goal is to raise awareness- I sense there is another goal you will achieve by this mission. Remember- there are no coincidences. All of God’s Blessings- Stay Safe- Jan

  24. What you are doing for Awareness is Amazing! You are a good brother and I wish you luck on your Journey. I work at Pathways in Rolla Mo. And two of my coworkers got to meet you, they were so inspired and shared your story it helped us all as case workers remind us what we’re doing for our clients. Thank you for doing this! My twin sons have Autism so I know how important Awareness is. Good Luck and be safe!!!

  25. Ian,
    I enjoy watching your videos and hearing about you experiences. You are such an inspiration and I believe you are making a difference. Over the years I have lost some of my older relatives and it isn’t easy for me to move on. The experiences you have had with the people you met helps show me that others have been through similar experiences, and it shows how many people actually care.

  26. Ian, I enjoy watching your videos, you are lucky to meet so many amazing people.
    Your walk is so inspiring, and it is definitely making a difference.
    I’ll keep you in my prayers

  27. Ian-
    I really admire what you are doing for your brother. I am saddened that he gave up but that you didn’t. What a wonderful way to educate people and try to reduce the stigma about Mental Illness. I am so glad you are receiving support along you journey. I pray that God will watch over you each and everyday.
    God bless you Ian on your awesome Journey and know your doing a wonderful job. your protected by the guardian angles and your brother is watching over you also.
    God bless!- Pamela

    1. Pamela, I really appreciate your support. Your words are of kindness and I am grateful for them; however, part of the stigma surrounding suicide is that the person is simply “giving up.” I do not consider my brother a quitter. A life ended by suicide is the result of an ailed mind and mental illness is not the result of weakness. It is because of Ryan and those like him that give me the strength to carry on with this journey.

      All the best,

  28. Had the pleasure of speaking with you at the convenience store as you crossed over the Chester, IL bridge. Think that what you are doing is wonderful and wishing you the best of luck through the rest of your journey!!!

  29. Ian,
    I am so very proud of you and I know your brother would be too. This walk is great and you have touched my heart in a major way! It was a pleasure working with you and always a pleasure to know a wonderful man like yourself!! Keep up the good work and safe travels!! You are in my prayers!!

  30. Ian,
    It was a joy to meet you and guest you at our home. I look forward to keeping up with your travels. We wish all your travels are safe and other are kind to you along the way.
    Sincerely yours.
    Glen & Laura

  31. We at the Owensboro, Ky. VFW Post 696 were blessed with a visit by Ian. We all enjoyed every moment he shared with us and the stories about his adventure so far and his plans for the rest of the trip. We all wish you the best Ian and thanks for stopping by and sharing a moment in your life with us.

  32. Ian, So glad that your journey brought you through our neck of the woods, I am in awe of your committment to your mission. You personify the word dedicated. I wish and pray nothing but safe travels and good, honest people along the way for you. God Bless and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers !!!!! Jeff.

  33. Ian,

    I can not put into words what exactly I want to say to you or how to say it. I’ve been following the story about your walk prior to your start and I think about you a lot. I admire your will power. I admire your commitment to raise awareness in honor and memory of your brother. I know it hurts you every single minute of every day. Nothing feels the same anymore, no matter how much time has passed or will pass. I pray for many many positive outcomes in peoples lives to come out of your walk. I pray for you to find strength in any moment of weakness during your journey. I pray that you maintain good health and achieve your goals. The website I listed is a link to learn more about my younger sister Marla who recently passed. She too suffered in silence and battled with her own mind for many years. Each and every step you are getting closer no matter how small or how your feeling that day. You are accomplishing something that is just absolutely incredible. Your heavy on my mind and my heart. In moments where I’m feeling blue I say to myself or just think it over and over in my mind. “Lord Jesus, stay with me.”

  34. Hey Ian, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you and your brother on your journey. I didn’t get the chance to wish you luck before you left but I saw you shooting some video for the news one day while I was practicing.. Probably should have come out and said hi but didn’t want to disturb. Anyway, its amazing what you’re doing. If you get the chance hit me back and say hi. From talking to your dad I understand that you’re receiving support along your journey, but I hope things are cool out there. I know I’m in Pittsburgh, but let me know if I can help in any way. Godspeed! ~Joe

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